Embrace your inner zombie: Creating the perfect flight attendant costume

19 Oct

Well perfect for Halloween…

Kel as Zombie

I am one of those last minute people: I don’t call it procrastination; I call it working well under pressure. I think I proved it  two Saturday’s ago at Falconridge Golf Course’s Annual Tombstone Golf Tournament under the guise of Misty – the Zombie Flight Attendant.

Just admit it… you want to look just like me. Lol. You are in luck! It is the easiest costume I have ever pulled together in under 24 hours.
It is perfect for Halloween, Thrill the World or a typical Sunday afternoon at my house.

I am going to share with you just how I did it… (click on the images to magnify)

The suit:

ZombieOne day before event: I went on my lunch to Value Village (any second-hand clothing store will do) and purchased a navy blue dress suit ($14.99 – for the skirt and blazer). This actually did require a little luck to find but there are many pencil skirts without the blazer and that looks great too! I also picked up a handkerchief ($1.99) for my neck tie.

That evening, I opened bottle of wine with my hubby-to-be and told him that I was going to burn my suit in the backyard. We have a fireplace out there but I still brought a bucket of water since I am prone to accidents.

I apologized to the world for wasting a perfectly good suit, but accepted the sacrifice and moved on. However, the world fought back – my suit was FIREPROOF! I kid you not; the thing would just not ignite. I resorted to tearing, cutting and massacring my suit in no particular manner.

Next, I brought it out to my front yard and sprayed the entire suit with spray adhesive (This can be picked up at art stores or Canadian Tire. I have it on hand for my other art projects). Then I rolled it around in the mess of leaves that I have still not raked up.

The dress shirt was an old one that I was going to give away so, I did much the same thing: I tore, cut and mangled it. I even ripped off a few buttons. I also splattered fake blood and red acrylic paint all over. Easy peasy!

The name tag:

Zombie You will need: illustration board (or matt board), gold spray paint, duct tape, scissors, safety pin, lighter and a pen.

  1. Cut out a rounded rectangle from the illustration board. Don’t’ worry about it being too perfect, you will have the chance to burn it later.
  2. Spray paint it gold. Let it dry.
  3. Write your name and airline logo (you can make this up or do some research online to see what airline you want) in pen on the name tag.
  4. Burn the edges with your lighter. I did this over the sink with a big jug of water that I could dunk it into.
  5. Flip it over and duct tape the safety pin to the back so you can pin it to your jacket or dress shirt.

The Shoe:

Honestly, all you need is one shoe. I kept the other in my purse just in case, but I like it with just the one. I dragged my foot around all day so you may want to grab a pair of old unwanted ones.

The Tray:

I cannot take credit for the tray. I told my creative equal, Karen Harrison (middle), that I wanted to carry a tray around and ask people of they were passenger “4D” and offer drinks before I ate them. From that her wonderfully creative mom made this masterpiece for me!! Thanks Wendy (right pic)!

What you need: a serving tray, wine glasses, red acrylic paint (blood) and an old golf magazine!

Simply rim the glasses with red paint and let the paint drip down the side. Then splatter your tray with the red paint. Wendy had hot glue gunned them on, but I am a not the most graceful zombie so they ended up coming off fairly quickly.

The Day of:

Put your costume on before your makeup to avoid smudging.

The Hair:

For someone who doesn’t ever put product in my hair, I got my fix in for a full year. What you need: hairspray, baby powder, an elastic, a few bobby pins and a comb.

  1. Tease like mad,
  2. spray with hairspray,
  3. add baby powder.
  4. REPEAT.
  5. Just when you think you are done…. Repeat some more.

Tip: I bought that gray hairspray thinking it would be perfect. IT IS FAR FROM IT. For one, it asphyxiates you when you spray it. It smells awful (it actually made me gag) and it doesn’t show up half as well as the baby powder.

The Eyes

In my mind, this is the best part! YOU HAVE TO GO GET WHITE CONTACTS!!! Clearly Contacts is a good place and they are about $60 for one pair.

I have been wearing contacts for years so they don’t bother me, other people have a hard time with them because they leave a white haze around your eyes.

Now the best part…. I am so not sexy

And I am completely opposed to scandalous and racy Halloween costumes… (not on others, just on myself) but apparently while teasing my hair, Karen captured the perfect pose and I suddenly looked like a stripper… a dead zombie stripper. I didn’t even know I had that prowess in me! There is hope for me (and the hubby-to-be) yet!
Of course – it was short lived because I chased after people and planes for the rest of the day…

Kel teasing hair

I will be wearing this again for Thrill the World – taking place on Saturday October 29th, 2011 at 10:00pm, at the National Gallery right in front of the Spider sculpture.
Come on out and watch us in action or better yet, ask me how you can get involved!

DIY Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations – Part Three: The Boarding Pass

5 Oct

Boarding pass ticket

Life is busy isn’t it? Here is the long-awaited part three. I will add a part four soon… I wrote this relatively quickly and it ended up being fairly long…. so please ask questions if you have any!


  • Aylee’s Boarding Pass Template (If this link breaks, email me & I can send it to you)Tools used
  • Rotary Cutter with perforator rotary blade (From Michael’s)
  • Scissors
  • Round corner punch (From Michael’s)
  • Utility Knife with lots (and I mean lots) of blades
  • Metal Ruler
  • Stapler & Staples
  • Self Healing Cutting Mat (Michael’s, Wallack’s or another art & drafting supply store)
  • Computer with MS Word, Photoshop is a bonus.
  • Good Printer with Lots of Ink!

Here we go (this is LONG):

  1. Download Aylee’s Boarding Pass Template – easy peasy! Now thank Aylee for making this template possible.
  2. When you look at Aylee’s template, there are quite a few pages. The first page is sharing instructions, the second is a blank template (if you are savvy with MS Word you can create your own template), the third page is the one you want to use if you are following these instructions. The fourth page is the back of your boarding pass.
  3. There are three passes that can be printed per page, so whatever you do, you will need to do it three times! Start editing the template with text in your fonts (we used Joe Hand 2 for our names & accent fonts and Nyala for the body).
  4. To add in the dark blue bar at the bottom of the page: Using MS Office 2007, simply click on INSERT tab, then select the rectangle shape from the drop down menu. Draw the rectangle where you want it. Adjust the color, fill, outline, etc. from the Drawing Tools Format tab. Keep in mind that depending on your colour it may be tough to see your rounded edge. TIP: I would suggest that you right-click on the rectangle that you just created, then select Order, then click Send to Back. Now you will have a faint outline of the rounded corner. This will come in handy when you are cutting the edges.
  5. Here comes the tricky part… Importing Images. If you have a logo or image (like my chrysanthemum) now is the time to insert it. Go to INSERT tab, then click on Picture, find your image on your computer, click the Insert button. If your image wasn’t sized to fit your invite exactly, chances are your page looks really wonky right about now or it did not end up in the spot you wanted. Don’t panic, have a glass of wine (or a shot of vodka) and play around with it…  Argh, I know.
  6. Try to resize your image by clicking on one of the corners and dragging it upwards. Play with the image until you can move it to the location you want it in. TIP: Right Click on the image, then click on Order, then Send to front.
  7. Repeat the same thing on the other two boarding passes. The hard part is done!!!! WOO HOOO, way to go!
  8. Depending on the number of pages you are going to have in your invite, you will have to copy the page you just completed, and paste it into a new page. Ta Da! Another easy peasy step.
  9. For the next page: change any parts you need, add in your remaining text. You are now ready to print!
  1. I printed my invites on Canson Effects paper, regular weight. I didn’t use cardstock for the boarding pass – keep in mind “real” boarding passes are pretty flimsy. The Canson Effects paper has a slight shimmer to it so it added to the quality and professionalism. They discontinued my colour but I think you can still find it in art stores or specialty paper stores.
  2. Print off the number of copies that you need.TIP: Adjust your printer’s settings to print as “best” and depending on your printer, you can also indicate the type of paper you are using.
  3. Flip your pages over and print the “This is not a Valid Travel Voucher” page (Aylee’s page 4).
Oh my gosh this is so exciting! You are almost there!
Perforate where the green lines are
  1. IMPORTANT: PERFORATE your paper BEFORE you cut out your passes. Trust me this will save you hours of work.  Tools you need: Self Healing Cutting Mat, Rotary Cutter with perforator rotary blade and Metal Ruler.
  2. Aylee’s template has two little red dashes, at the top and bottom of each page. Place your printed template onto the self-healing cutting board. Align your metal ruler with the two red dashes. Hold the ruler down firmly then use the Rotary Cutter to perforate the edge. For your reference: in the image above, the green line shows where you should perforate. I also perforated the close the left edge.
  3. REPEAT with every page.
  1. Cut! Cut! Cut! Place your page on your self-healing cutting board. Start with one edge of the template and line up your ruler along Aylee’s guideline.  Using your Utility Knife cut the 4 outer edges. TIP: Remember the sharper your Utility Knife Blade is the better it cuts, so be sure to change your blade about every 15-20 pages.Template Boarding Pass, Cutting
  2. Then make two cuts in the middle. Now, you should have 3 rectangles without rounded corners.
  3. Repeat for all of your printed pages… YES this takes quite awhile. Now would probably be a good time to fill up your wine again – but not too much, we do want straight lines…lol
  4. Cutting Corners – No! we are not cheating! If you are going to use the Round Corner Punch, spend some money and get a good one. Otherwise, you may as well just use scissors. Insert the corner snugly into the corner punch and press down. TIP: To sharpen the edges of your corner punch, punch a couple of pieces of tine foil and wax paper. Repeat for each corner and each boarding pass.
  5. Use your scissors or your utility knife to cut the little area that dips in. Repeat.
  6. Staple your pages together where it says “Staple here”. YOU ARE DONE MY FRIENDS!!

Second page of Boarding Pass

More to come…Final touches… I think we just have the outside left!

Something for Jazzy

31 Jul

It’s always hard to find the perfect gift for a first birthday. I looked everywhere for something fitting for my niece’s birthday, then my mom reminded me that I can draw (lol). I whipped this up last night. It took me about 5 hours to complete and I am really excited to share it with you.


Isn’t she beautiful?

Jasmine - close up

This portrait measures 8″ x 10″ and is done with pencil on illustration board.

I knew I created the perfect gift when I saw that it brought tears to my brother and my sis-in-law’s eyes.

Do you want to give the perfect gift?

If you are interested in giving a unique gift for someone you love, contact me and I would love to help you make it happen. Email: kelly@kellyeyamie.com

You can also see a few more portraits on my website: kellyeyamie.com.

Beautiful Foot Jewellery

29 Jul

I am just working on my newest project for my bridesmaids – Barefoot Sandals or simply foot jewellery.

Check it out but don’t mind my feet – they are screaming for a pedi.

They are made from glass seed beads, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver crimp beads.

New Paintings!

12 Jul

I set myself a new goal: to complete 10 paintings by the end of the year!

I have 3 started and can’t wait to see where they end up.

The first painting is 2ft x 4ft and is starting to develop a life of its own but it still needs more depth. I find it difficult to take pictures of in the beginning stages, especially since the final product ends up looking completely different and is high gloss but I am just going to put myself out there and bare it all.

Painting in progress

The second is almost complete. It’s only a wee little painting about 1 ft x 3ft. I am including some detailed images of this one so you can get an idea of the layers (plus it’s not the greatest photo).  All I have left to do is paint the detail back into it and put the final layer of “gloss” on it.

painting in progrss

Close up:

painting closeup

painting close up

The third painting is 3ft x 5ft and is in its EARLY EARLY stages:

Painting in progress

I will include updates as I go. I am sure anyone reading won’t even recognize them by the time they are complete. I am excited to see where my paint takes me.

DIY Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations – Part Two: The Insides

16 May

Well it’s about time that I gave you the details about creating the inside. It’s easy peasy! Keep reading for instructions and some helpful tips. Please be sure to leave me a comment or question if you need clarification – I am happy to help.

Inside of invitation

  1. First you will need a computer with MS Word and a good printer (with LOTS of ink!). It is helpful to have Photoshop if you want to create the graphics yourself. TIP: To create the chrysanthemum flower, I scanned the paper from the pocket fold (Click here for my instructions to make pocket fold) and manipulated it in Photoshop to get the desired colors and effects.
  2. In MS Word, create a template with 2 copies of the invitation wording and 2 logos (these will go on the front of the pocket fold) at the very bottom of the page. You can download my MS Word template sample here.
  3. Print off the number of copies that you need. TIP: Adjust your printer’s settings to print as “best” and depending on your printer, you can also indicate that the paper is card stock.
  4. Cut Cut Cut… hours of fun really – like I said before, good company and a bottle of wine helps! Cut the paper into 8-1/4” x 4” using your utility knife and cutting mat. Use your metal ruler as your straight edge. When complete put this stack aside, we need to prep the pocket fold before we glue these in place.
  5. Get the following supplies: your pocket folds, 8-3/8” x 4-1/4” blue card stock (I think they were called envelope postcard inserts), spray glue and old newspapers.
  6. In a well ventilated room, place a layer of newspapers down to protect the floor. Then place the blue card stock on top.
  7. Spray an even layer of the spray glue over all of the blue card stock. Wait about 30 seconds.
  8. Pick up the blue card stock from the edges and place it directly onto the pocket fold and rub out any air pockets with your fingers.  Repeat steps 6-8 until you have completed all of your invites. TIP: Each time you lay down a set of the blue card stock to be sprayed, remember to put down new newspaper and get rid of the old. This will ensure that you don’t get glue on the “good side” of your card stock.
  9. Get your stack of paper with the invite wording and go through steps 6-8 again for this layer.

The inside of your pocket fold is done!!! Give yourself a pat on the back!!

For part three we will focus on the final touches and the template for the boarding pass.

DIY Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations – Part One: Pocket Fold

2 May

Thanks for visiting!

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